The firm is actively involved in the mining industry, in advising existing mining companies, as well as incumbent mining companies. The partners have extensive knowledge on gold and diamond mining.

Our ability is to close deals on the best terms and timetable achievable. Company law expertise is taken as read.

Our firm assists clients across all aspects of the mining industry in Tanzania from extraction to processing.


Advising Afrika Mashariki Gold Mines Limited on a project loan facility of US $50,000,000 guaranteed by East African Gold Mines of Australia under which Africa Mashariki and to enter into the Security Trust Deed.

Advising National Development Corporation and Matinje Gold Company Limited on the Joint Venture Agreement with PML Holders for the modernisation and development of Artisan Mining.

Advising El-Hillal Minerals on the Management Services Agreement with Manhattan Operations Limited.

Drafting the technical service agreement between El-Hillal Minerals and Lake District Diamond Company (LDDC).

Drafting a Management Service Agreement between El-Hillal Minerals and Lake District Diamond Company Limited for the mining of diamonds.

Advising various companies including Africa Mashariki Gold Mining on various Mining issues.

Acting for JMM Sub Inc. in several matters including rendering to them a legal opinion on its tax exemption status in Tanzania.

Acting for Blakiston & Crabb of Australia on various mining issues including conducting a due diligence review of Albidon's assets in Tanzania and in particular doing searches of the mining properties in Tanzania and to conduct searches of the companies holding those mining properties.

Reviewing the Mawe Meru Farming and Joint Venture Head of Agreement between East Africa Mines Ltd and Mawe Meru Resources Ltd.

Advising WMC Resources Exploration PTY Ltd of Australia in relation to the grant of water rights to holders of prospecting licences.

Attending to incorporation of various mining companies including Mabwe Resources Limited, Nyati Mining (Tanzania) Limited and Orion Mining Company Limited.

Processing Certificates of Incentives for various Mining Companies.

Attending to the incorporation of KILTAN Resources Limited, obtaining mining licence and preparing other documents relating to its establishment

On instruction of various Clients carrying out searches at the registry of Mines at Dar-es-Salaam and Dodoma, Companies Registry and Land Registries where the Tenements are situated so as to know whether the Companies have any titles to land over the Mining areas.

Advising a Client on the transfer /purchase of a primary mining licence by Barrick Gold Tanzania Limited.

Reviewing draft Agreement to be entered into between East Africa Mines Limited (“EAM”) and a PML Holder.

Preparing a co-operation agreement relating to the gold tailings processing and gold at extraction at Matinje, Tanzania amongst the National Development Co-operation, Siemens Ltd, and Matinje Gold Company Limited for the construction of the Processing Plant at Matinje Village and marketing of the Gold extracted from the Contract Area to third parties.

Advising various local companies on the sale of their mineral rights.

Advising a Client on the possibility of an individual or a company acquiring a Prospecting Mineral Right by transfer and have it transferred immediately to another person.

Negotiating with multinational companies on the purchase of mineral rights and in particular acquiring a Prospecting Mineral Right by transfer.