Lucy Sondo

Welcome to Abenry Advocates, a firm that continues to grow while remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive to the changing needs of the world and in particular the needs of its clients.

We understand our clients’ business and we place great emphasis on taking care of their matters. This leads to excellence and We, at Abenry, are passionate about excellence, serving our clients well and loving what we do. These principles have guided our practice of law, and how we have carried on business over the years. We not only have a vision and values that we honour, but an approach to making things happen within the structured timelines.

Abenry has personnel who are skilled and personable.  I believe success comes to those who commit themselves to a continuous program of constant improvement.

Our Pauline Kasonda Memorial Award has proved to be a big motivation in inspiring staff in making sure that they deliver and stand to uphold the vision, values and mission of Abenry. This is in remembrance of Pauline’s vision and tireless effort to bring Abenry to the level where it is today. It is awarded to a long serving employee or to an employee who has been exemplary in upholding Abenry’s vision and mission.

Welcome to Abenry Advocates. We are here for you.