Nasra Hassan


Nasra Hassan is a Partner at Abenry and was formerly the managing partner of Forbix Attorneys, the firm she founded in 2012. Nasra is one of the leading Tanzanian commercial and transaction lawyers specializing in the oil and gas, mining, and real estate sectors.

Nasra has extensive experience of transactions requiring detailed knowledge and understanding of the legal and regulatory framework in Tanzania relating to oil and gas matters as well has to have experience in relation to a range of Government related projects.

Her detailed knowledge of the Tanzanian legal land scape is invaluable as she has a vast experience of working with the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, The African Development Bank, and the United Nations Environment Programme to draft a geothermal policy, legislation and regulatory framework. She has also advised Ophir Energy plc and BG International on the commercialization of gas project to which large quantities of natural gas were discovered offshore southern Tanzania gathered, treated, separated, converted, compressed, transported, processed and sold to international and domestic markets. The Gas Export Project involved an investment of USD 7 billion, the biggest single investment in the history of the United Republic of Tanzania.