Abenry represent clients in commercial and civil litigation and arbitration on various commercial disputes such as loan defaults, land disputes, labour related disputes. We represent clients in lower division courts and higher courts and the court of appeal.Commercial and Civil litigation

Abenry represents a number of clients in different matters related to commercial and civil litigation including drafting and filing of pleadings, appearing and presenting arguments for and on behalf of clients in court proceedings.

Employment and Labour

Abenry has over the years been representing clients with various labor issues including matters relative to human resources development, conditions of employment, labor organization, unfair labor practices, collective bargaining agreement, strikes and lockouts as well as post-employment issues.

Mediation and Arbitration

Abenry is able to advise its clients fully on the use of mediation to resolve disputes quickly, sensibly and cost-effectively. We recommend the use of alternative dispute resolution techniques to bring about prompt and efficient resolution to complex legal disputes.


Abenry has over the years been able to represent clients in debt recovery matters including freezing assetsand representing clients in courts.