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AMENDMENT TO THE COMPANIES ACT, CAP 212 (Requirement to Notify the Registrar on Shareholding Changes within 28 Days)

The Written Laws (Misc. Amendments) (No.3) Act, 2021 has amended the Companies Act, Cap 212 by introducing the requirement to all registered companies to notify the Companies Registry when a transfer or transmission of shares has been made in a company. The amendment of the law requires a company which has transferred or transmitted its shares to new shareholder, to…

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Analysis of the Mining (State Participation) Regulations 2020 The Mining (State Participation) Regulations 2020 have been introduced to provide further clarity on matters concerning Non-Dilutable Free Carried Interest (FCI) in the capital of a mining company or person holding mining license or special mining license. The scope of these regulations only extend to holders of a ‘Mining License’ and a…

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