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Firm Overview

Abenry Advocates legal partnership started in year 2006 as Abenry & Company Advocates. In year 2010 the firm merged with Ringo & Associates to form Adept Chambers. In January 2012, the legal fraternity saw the rebirth of Abenry Advocates.

Abenry Advocates comprises of 6 partners and 7 associates. The background experience of its members allows Abenry Advocates to offer the best legal services in the country in all aspects of the law. Abenry Advocates operates in Mainland Tanzania as well as Zanzibar.

Our team of lawyers has over the years been involved in a number of prominent transactions including real estate transactions, intellectual property matters, capital market transactions, public private partnership projects, privatization projects, corporate restructuring and general advisory work. The members of Abenry Advocates have the requisite competency, knowledge, ability, and skill in handling all legal matters.


Our mission is to provide high quality, result oriented legal services based on integrity, highest standards of professionalism and respect to individuals and businesses.



Our Vision is to be the leading law firm in Tanzania. The Firm regards efficiency, responsiveness and a commercial approach to problem solving as vital to the provision of legal advice to its sophisticated client base. We aim to achieve our vision by having a specialist focus and ability to deliver timely and efficient legal services