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It continues to be an exciting time for Abenry as we continue to grow while remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive to the changing needs of the world and in particular the needs of our Clients.

As Tanzania continues to gain recognition as an ideal location for investment with a competitive business environment and sustained reduction in poverty levels, there are also challenges to overcome and risks to take, however with high risk comes high return. With various investment opportunities especially in all sectors of the economy, Abenry is keeping pace and remains Client focused.

We understand our Clients’ business and we place great emphasis on taking care of their matters. This leads to excellence and we, at Abenry, are passionate about excellence, serving our Clients well and loving what we do. These principles have guided our practice of law, and how we have carried on business over the years. We not only have a vision, but an approach to making things happen within the structured timelines.

I am proud that Abenry is expanding in terms of personnel and capabilities. I am also proud that we have been able to attract and retain sharp skilled, personable and well-rounded attorneys and supporting staff. We strive to help each individual in the firm grow as a professional. Long term goals and continuing training programmes is our main agenda. My experience has taught me that success comes to those who commit themselves to a continuous program of constant improvement.

We have now introduced the Pauline Kasonda Memorial Award. This is in remembrance of Pauline’s vision and tireless effort to bring Abenry to the level where it is today. It is awarded to a long serving employee or to an employee who has been exemplary in upholding Abenry’s vision and mission. I trust this will go a long way to inspire staff in making sure that they deliver and stand to uphold the vision and mission of Abenry.

We thank our Clients, both locally and internationally as well as our international law firm friends and our local law firm friends for supporting us on this journey. We trust they will keep the spirit going forward.


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